That Iceland Itinerary – Planning a budget trip

If you’ve read my post Iceland – What Bucket Lists are made of  , you’d know there’s just so much to see and experience here. But yes, that eternal problem of constraints does crop up. And Iceland, like its sister Nordic countries isn’t exactly cheap! So here’s my itinerary and some tips on planning the best possible trip in the least possible time and with the … Continue reading That Iceland Itinerary – Planning a budget trip

Iceland – What bucket lists are made of

2017 has been a great year for me with respect to travel and Iceland was I guess the Ic(e)ing on the cake! Pun very much intended 🙂 I planned to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights and me saying that the highlight of my trip wasn’t that just goes to show how much this place has to offer. Iceland is that “I’ve never done … Continue reading Iceland – What bucket lists are made of

Sun, Sea and Sand in Santorini

I grew up on a generous helping of rom-coms and drama. So I day-dreamed away, wanting to be the girl traipsing through quaint Parisian and English streets, frolicking in snow in Switzerland and breakfasting in style on the Grecian islands!  The former 2 dreams had come true, and this year I decided to check the last one off the list too. If you’re looking to … Continue reading Sun, Sea and Sand in Santorini

Where’s my Coffee ?

I was in that ugly phase of life where I didn’t know what I wanted; what was my purpose; what to plan my life around? Deep thought-provoking questions with no answers! So I got thinking and wondered what got me happy? That 9PM coffee ritual with my BFF in hostel —– Sleeping in till 2 PM. Not because I was sleepy, but because the college … Continue reading Where’s my Coffee ?

One Day Guide to Ljubljana

I am sitting down to write after what seemed like a never ending and extra busy week. I have never yearned for the weekend more ; to sit down, sip some coffee (and wine), stroll around the neighbourhood and just unwind.And that is exactly what Ljubljana is- It is the weekend of your otherwise busy and packed Eurotrip week. Located just a few hours away … Continue reading One Day Guide to Ljubljana

Slovenia – In harmony with Nature

I grew up reading Enid Blyton, and often find myself wishing to get away from the city and discover the simple joys of farms, hills and brooks ( For a break of course. I am a city girl through and through otherwise).  I found myself dreaming of those Famous Five escapades packed with picnics, hikes, bicycle trips and of course adventure. 15 years later, dreams … Continue reading Slovenia – In harmony with Nature

Inside Istanbul : Top 15 things to do

When Turkish Airlines gives you a Mumbai-Istanbul-London return fare at 28,000 INR (just 400 USD), it only makes sense to make Istanbul part of your travel plan.It also helps that Istanbul is a cultural melting pot, it straddles two different cultures and continents, has some delicious coffee and offers plenty of avenues to shop. Note : Turkish Airlines offers a free day tour of Istanbul … Continue reading Inside Istanbul : Top 15 things to do

Along the Adriatic : Hvar, Dubrovnik

Welcome to Dalmatia, the oh-so-beautiful eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea lined with islands and stone fortresses and so full of history. How to get here? The largest city in this region, Split was the transit point of our travel plans in the Dalamatian coast. We booked our bus from Plitvice ( our previous destination) to Split through . From Split, you can reach Zadar, Hvar … Continue reading Along the Adriatic : Hvar, Dubrovnik