LookBook: Hold on to your Hat

I am not one of those blessed with gorgeous hair. The huge wavy mess on top of my head takes forever to dry and style.  And when I’m travelling, there’s just no way I can spare that much time.

So here’s my trick to look presentable, add some instant chic to my outfit and feel cosy in the cold streets of Europe – The Bowler Hat and The Beret!

Both the Bowler Hat and Beret started off as accessories for men – the former worn by gamekeepers in England to protect their head while riding and the latter by the military in France.  But why should men have all the fun, right?

So go ahead and find out how a small investment can add loads of sophistication to your outfit and most importantly keep your hair tame while travelling in Europe.

Bowler Hats

Bowler Hats can give your outfit a casual and tomboyish touch OR can just be that classic addition to your casual dress.


Look 1


I paired my green mini-dress with ankle boots and a bowler hat. With those glasses and coat, I do look like I belong to a music class in Vienna, don’t you think?

Look 2

For a more casual hipster look, I paired my hat with a sleeveless top and black pants – Perfect for a day out by the Riviera.


If you aren’t convinced yet, maybe Taylor Swift can help.

Images picked up from Google Images

The Beret

Beret is your secret to look Parisian in an instant at just INR 200. It adds sophistication to your outfit and is perfect to keep you warm in winter.

Here are some ways I wore my beret. I like to have my bangs pushed out but you can have your hair tucked in too. It also looks absolutely cute with a side-braid.




You can shop for Berets and Bowler Hats on Amazon Fashion (www.amazon.in) ; H&M ; Asos (www.asos.com).


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