15 reasons to visit Egypt

There’s no denying that every single one of us has been enthralled by the mystical land of the pyramids. You’ve read about it in history text books, watched mummies come alive in movies and cartoons, and been engrossed with Hercule Poirot solving crimes by the Nile. And if you’re still not sure about making that trip to the Land of the Pharaohs, here’s 15 reasons … Continue reading 15 reasons to visit Egypt

About & Around Aurangabad

Another long weekend. This time it was Diwali with flight fares from Mumbai to Delhi hitting an all time high. So Ankur and I decided that I’d travel to Mumbai instead and we’d explore West India instead. And that’s how we zeroed in on Aurangabad. If you’re wondering why Aurangabad, then maybe the photos below can convince you on why one must visit this old … Continue reading About & Around Aurangabad

That Iceland Itinerary – Planning a budget trip

If you’ve read my post Iceland – What Bucket Lists are made of  , you’d know there’s just so much to see and experience here. But yes, that eternal problem of constraints does crop up. And Iceland, like its sister Nordic countries isn’t exactly cheap! So here’s my itinerary and some tips on planning the best possible trip in the least possible time and with the … Continue reading That Iceland Itinerary – Planning a budget trip

Iceland – What bucket lists are made of

2017 has been a great year for me with respect to travel and Iceland was I guess the Ic(e)ing on the cake! Pun very much intended 🙂 I planned to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights and me saying that the highlight of my trip wasn’t that just goes to show how much this place has to offer. Iceland is that “I’ve never done … Continue reading Iceland – What bucket lists are made of

Sun, Sea and Sand in Santorini

I grew up on a generous helping of rom-coms and drama. So I day-dreamed away, wanting to be the girl traipsing through quaint Parisian and English streets, frolicking in snow in Switzerland and breakfasting in style on the Grecian islands!  The former 2 dreams had come true, and this year I decided to check the last one off the list too. If you’re looking to … Continue reading Sun, Sea and Sand in Santorini

River Rafting in Rishikesh

If you’ve read my earlier blog posts, you are already familiar with how I drag my husband along on my travels. So when for the very first time he expressed interest in a place, I just couldn’t refuse! This trip to Rishikesh (Uttarakhand, India) was done solely to tick it off Ankur’s bucketlist! Having said that, I think Rishikesh deserves a place on everyone’s bucket … Continue reading River Rafting in Rishikesh